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All-inclusive Pricing - Shipping Included!
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About Us

Assalamu alaykum and Hello!

Thank you for visiting our store.

My1stMasjid is a small independent brand run by our small family. 

We love sharing our creations and helping families make Islamic traditions fun and memorable. Much thought goes into our products and we hope to leave young Muslims inspired and proud of their Islamic identity.

Creative play, arts and craft is at the heart of our products, encouraging young minds to really think out of the box as they play and create memories.

Throughout Islamic history, and in particular during the golden age of Islam, Muslims were masters of numerous arts and sciences, really contributing to the development of the world in tremendous ways. Many of our products aim to celebrate and encourage creativity and contribution to humanity, as well as inspire unity as ambassadors on this Earth.

We have made a commitment to use environmentally friendly material as much as possible and so our toys and crafts are mainly made from biodegradable cardboard, wood or recycled paper.

We have really enjoyed pouring our hearts into our collections and have kept your family in mind throughout the process. InshaAllah you enjoy it as much as we do.

BarakAllahu feek (May Allah grant you blessings)