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Slot & Build: Masjid Village
Slot & Build: Masjid Village
Slot & Build: Masjid Village
Slot & Build: Masjid Village

Slot & Build: Masjid Village

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This beautiful Slot & Build Masjid Village is a brilliant interactive toy for creative minds.

Children love building blocks, and so we created this toy to help fuel the passion to build while combining it with fun loving memories of the Masjid & Salaah. 

Made from wood, each set includes 16 pieces adorned with modern shapes and traditional domes and arches. 

The set can be put together in a multitude of ways, allowing your little one to create a different Masjid village every play. Made from eco-friendly, durable wood, we’ve made this with you and our environment in mind. Each piece measures aprox 8cm x 8 cm, tallest is 16cm. 

Here’s what’s included:
- Masjid Village set made of 16 pieces
- Canvas drawstring bag
- Wood box with Engraved logo

Box personalization closed at current. 

This item is carefully hand finished.

Orders take 3-5 days to pack/process. 

Shipping to UK 5-7days, Aus & Singapore currently takes 10-14 days. USA takes 15 days. Delay due to limited flights. 

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