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Mosaic Coaster Kit
Mosaic Coaster Kit
Mosaic Coaster Kit
Mosaic Coaster Kit

Mosaic Coaster Kit

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This makes a great activity and then gift, especially if you have family who love their hot drinks!

Please select Set of 4 or 2 DIY Mosaic Coaster kits.

You can mix and match the colours/ shapes you'd like.
Please leave a comment with your preference.

Each kit includes:
- 2 or 4 x Mosaic Tile Pieces and wooden coaster base
(colours and shapes to your preference, please comment)
- Small mixing bowl and spatula, per coaster.
- Mosaic sealant powder, per coaster.
- Sponge, per coaster.

Coaster shape options: circle, rectangle or hexagon
Mosaic colour options: browns, greens or Rainbow

Please comment your preference or we will select at random.

Not suitable for young children due to small parts. 

Shipping to UK takes 5-7days, Aus & Singapore currently takes 10-14 days. USA takes 15 days. Delay due to limited flights. 

(This is shipped by us personally from China using a trusted shipping method which is tracked).